World’s Most Wanted Man Just Captured!

BREAKING NEWS NOT BEFORE COFFEE What a wonderful way to end the week! One of the prime suspects in last November’s Paris attacks that made him the world’s most wanted man – has just been captured alive in Brussels.

Daily Mail Reports: The world’s most wanted man, a prime suspect in the Paris terrorist attacks, has been wounded and captured in a police raid in Brussels.

Salah Abdeslam was shot in the leg by police commandos and has been arrested in the district of Molenbeek in the Belgian capital.

Belgian prosecutors said earlier today that his fingerprints were found at the scene of a separate police raid on a Brussels flat, which took place on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old, whose brother blew himself up during the slaughter in Paris in November, was said to be one of the suspects who went on the run after a shoot-out. Read More…

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