8 Facts About Love and Infatuation

1. Many divorces and unhappy marriages have roots stemming from infatuation and sex interest only.

2. Most youth are not sure what real love is due largely in part by lack of example.

3. Age and maturity give no immunity of infatuation.

4. Teen marriages have twice the risk of ending in divorce.

5. Living together and having a sexual relationship before marriage has shown to create tougher times to adjust after marriage.

6. One-sided love won’t work.

7. The following people are far most likely to have good marriage:
– Your parents are happy in their marriage
– You had a happy childhood
– There was a lack of conflict with mother
– There was a lack of conflict with father
– Home discipline was firm but not harsh
– You had a strong attachment to your mother
– You had a strong attachment to your father
– Your parents were frank with you about sex
– Your childhood punishment was infrequent and mild
– You have an expectant, positive attitude toward sex that is free from disgust or distaste.

Even if all of these factors are negative, you can still build a good marriage. But you will have to work harder and be more careful when choosing a partner and mate.

8. Good Marriages need to have these five types of love:
Strong sex interest: strong erotic feelings for each other
Respect and admiration: hold each other in high regard
Friendship and fellowship: have many things in common
Self-giving devotion: love in spite of each other’s faults
Affection: a shoulder to cry on when our burdens are too heavy to bear alone.

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