Absence – Does it make the heart grow fonder?

I’ve always been of the belief that a little bit of absence can help you appreciate your partner. It can be a good thing to know you are with someone you actually miss when they are away, however, too much can be and often is dangerous.

Relationships need connection. If you don’t see each other enough, you can begin to lead separate lives more often. I remember hearing once that couples that begin to vacation apart, grow apart. It is challenging enough to stay connected in today’s world, in the best of circumstances, and can become even more so when you aren’t spending time together.

How many times have you watched couples start spending time apart and suddenly that absence makes one or both hearts go roaming? People need the comfort and security of steady intimacy. This means being around the other person to reinforce all the reasons why you’re in the relationship to begin with.

Many relationships are far too fragile to handle the stress of absence, because even in a world that is so technology driving and so overly connected, phone calls or text messages just can’t substitute the comfort of real conversation and togetherness.

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