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Today when my son Coty came home from school, he handed me an envelope he’d been given by one of his teachers. Coty and I sat on the front step as I began to read over the contents. I’d barely gotten into the first couple of paragraphs that read:

Yes, congratulations certainly are in order… because The USAA has been informed that Coty has been given the unusual honor of recognition as a national honor student.

Because only a relative handful of students anywhere in the United States qualify for this honor…

At that point my vision blurred with tears and a lump formed in my throat – I had to continue reading later.

I’ve ALWAYS been extremely proud of my boys, but as a twin mom, there are those times when one requires just a little bit more pride. A moment of De-ja-vu came over me as I recalled the day Trey was chosen to All Stars in Little League, and Coty was left behind.

Today, it was Coty’s turn to edge in on his larger dose of parent pride.

A teacher took their valuable time to nominate Coty for a national honor student recognition award. Students are nominated based on two of the following criteria:

  • 3.0 minimum in a specific subject
  • Academic Performance
  • Personal motivation
  • Cooperative classroom attitude
  • Dependability
  • Enthusiasm for education
  • Leadership qualities
  • Serious acceptance of responsibility

I know every parent is proud of their kids, but what makes this so extraordinary is how far Coty has come.

Coty was held back in 1st grade while his twin brother advanced. It was a painful decision, and a choice I never thought I’d be forgiven of.

Last Spring Coty worked with his school counselor, devising a plan that would advance him to graduate along with his twin, Trey.

Since switching schools for the 2010-2011 school years, both boys have made monumental advancements in their academic status.

The details below are from the honors website:

The United States Achievement Academy, located in Lexington, Ky, was founded in 1978; to recognize America’s outstanding students to provide scholarship opportunities for all participants.

USAA has awarded over $1,400,000 in educational cash grants.

More than 1 million educators from the United States and its territories have nominated students for the Academy’s honor programs.

Students, who have demonstrated outstanding achievement; marked improvement or a commitment to academic success; are nominated by the educator. Students become members of the Academy through teacher nominations or their school’s honor roll. All nominations are honored by USAA with the belief that educators know their students best.

I absolutely, positively, undeniably… could. not. be. more. proud.

I love. love. love my boys SO much! They have given me SO much to live for, so much to be thankful for and because of them, I always want to be a better person.

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