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Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for unique finds and a great deal, according to the new Shopping Survey* recently released by thrift retailer Savers, and thrift stores are the perfect solution to meet those needs. Shopping decisions are largely driven by Americans’ desire to get a good deal as more than 50% try to avoid paying full price when shopping, but another need has emerged as well – nearly 40% said they would rather purchase a unique item no one else has over one sold in popular retail stores. Millions of Americans have already taken to thrift stores to satisfy those desires and Thrift Shop Day, which was celebrated August 17; the perfect time for new customers and longtime fans to explore the possibilities at a Savers near them.

With school in session, thrift shopping is also ideal for parents across the nation. More than half of parents felt back-to-school shopping seemed to be more expensive last year, which may be why 47% felt their back-to-school expenses added up to more than they budgeted. But that doesn’t stop parents from allowing their kids to have creative reign – 53% of parents agreed they want their kids to strut the halls in unique looks. At Savers, a full wardrobe for kids can be purchased for $100 or less. The money parents save by shopping thrift allows their families to not only push the style boundaries and have fun while trying out new looks – but also to have cash left over for other family needs.

“Overall, the general trend in America is moving towards a desire to stand out from the crowd; 42% of Americans like to mix and match new purchases with used items for a style that’s true to themselves,” said Myriam Laroche, stylist and founder of Eco Fashion Week. “Savers is a true paradise for thrift shopping. Whether a mom is looking for an inexpensive way to dress her whole family well, or a fashionista wants her clothes and home to truly be one-of-a-kind, Savers is the place to look.”

Additional Survey Findings

  • Are You a Thriftaholic?: You’re not alone! 47% of Americans shop in thrift stores** and more than one-third report they are poppin’ thrift tags more often than they did three years ago.
  • It’s All About (Not Spending) the Benjamins: Deals ahead! The survey revealed 79% of Americans feel it’s important to get a good value for their money when shopping, while 56% try to pay full price as rarely as possible.
  • X Marks the Spot: Why shop thrift? 52% of thrift store shoppers say they do because it feels like a treasure hunt and 35% can’t resist the thrill of finding a truly unique item they couldn’t purchase elsewhere.
  • Red Carpet Looks for Less: If given the difficult choice, American women would spend the day shopping with Kate Middleton or Jennifer Lawrence, while men would hit the racks with Hugh Jackman or LeBron James. But if an 18-49 year old guy is looking to duplicate a celeb’s style? They’d pick Justin Timberlake’s stylish look.
  • I Need a Second Opinion: Even though Americans want to stand out, they want to make sure it still looks good. Among those who take along others while shopping, 60% are looking for home decor and 55% are looking for a perfect outfit or decoration to round out a themed event.
  • Hey, That’s Mine!: However, if they’re shopping for everyday clothing, outerwear or shoes for themselves, nearly three-quarters of shoppers prefer to hunt for the deals alone – perhaps to avoid bringing a friend who may snag that perfect find before they do.
  • Green is the New Black: Thrift stores may be an appealing option to the 58% of Americans who find it important to recycle or avoid wastefulness. By donating at Savers, consumers are not only recycling their goods and keeping them out of landfills, but they’re also supporting a local nonprofit in their community.

The Savers family of thrift stores, with its department store-like experience, brings together the great deals and one-of-a-kind finds shoppers want. With more than 100,000 items on the sales floor at one time and thousands of new items added every day, shoppers never know what they will find, but it will be much less than they’d pay elsewhere. Shoppers know they can stay under budget by shopping at Savers, allowing them to explore the possibilities of fashion, home decor and more, like never before.

Shoppers looking for the ultimate thriftspiration can become a part of the Savers social network by visiting, @SaversVVillage on Twitter, @Savers_thrift on Instagram and

My husband and I love thrift store shopping. We have a few favorites that we like to check a few times a month. We’re also big fans of pawn shop deals. Pawn shops are not all created equal though. We have found two that we prefer. One in Warsaw, Indiana which is an awesome place to shop for tools. We have found everything from Craftsman tools to a trailer hitch ball for .50 cents. If you’ve ever bought one of those, you know what a HUGE savings that was.

Jewelry is another great find at pawn shops. Someone told me a long time ago that jewelry was the worst investment you can make. There is a 130% markup on it and you can never get back what you put into it.

My $5,000 (appraised value) wedding set came from a pawn shop but it only cost us $700.

Are you a thrifty shopper? What are some of your best finds?


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