Beware of The Bad Wrap

1st wrap results

I’ve gotten asked about wraps being sold for deep discounts. There are ways to purchase outdated product and knockoff products online. If you find someone who is selling large amounts of wraps for low, low prices, you need to do a couple of things –

1) Check to see if they are a loyal customer or distributor.

2) check the lot number on the product. The first number is the year 4 – 4 is 2014. Next 2 are the month – 09 would be September. The last 2 are the batch.

You will be able to tell how old the product is that way. If the person does not have a link as a loyal customer or a distributor, I would question where they got the product.

If you don’t purchase GOOD product, you cannot expect GOOD results. Buy Smart!

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