Black & Decker PCS10 PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor


I’ve been known to kill cactus – that’s just how ‘not green’ my thumb is. I saw a clip on television this morning talking about this plant sensor and had to check it out.

From the potted petunia in the living room to the tomato plants on the patio to the Elm tree in the yard, Black & Decker’s Plant Smart sensor makes growing lush, healthy plants easy and fun. The compact digital sensor measures sunlight, temperature, moisture, soil conditions, and more by simply inserting the testing end into the ground for 24 hours. It then separates and the top part plugs into a computer to provide several types of customized growing feedback. In Recommend mode, the tool helps to find the right plant based on the present growing conditions; in Monitor mode, the tool makes suggestions to improve the health of an existing plant; in Water mode, the tool instantly measures soil moisture to see if a plant needs water. Additional online resources include a library of 6,000 plants and a My Plants personalized homepage. Sweetly designed with a big orange flower on top, the sensor makes a great gift for any home gardener.

Using advanced technology, your PC or Mac, and an Internet connection, the Black & Decker PCS10 PlantSmart digital plant care sensor analyzes your home or garden’s growing conditions and relays advice on proper care and maintenance of plants. Three specialized modes and an interface with the PlantSmart Web site make this sensor useful for beginning and advanced gardeners.

Real Customer Testimonials:

This is one of the best garden/plant products I have ever bought. With the weather changes I have used this product to determine the watering, fertilizing, and light for some of my most desired plants. I would definitely buy another one if needed. John – Greenville Texas

Easy to use and VERY helpful. You can leave the sensor in place for several days or weeks. You then get a daily read on water and light conditions which is enormously helpful. For a small additional fee you can get a reading on fertilizer needs ($25 per year). Well worth the investment. Just saving 3 fruit trees at $38.50 each, this tool really paid for itself. Lanier – Louisiana

It is simple to use. I have only placed it once but it gave me information that I have been struggling with – how much light is there and what can be planted here. I will finally be able to plant blueberries. Now my husband is going to steal it from me to do readings for the new grapevines we are getting. He is not teasing me anymore about some of my rather odd purchases. Deborah – Utah

Buy Black & Decker PCS10 Digital Plant Care Sensor via Amazon – just in time for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or just a nice gift for the gardener (or wanna be gardener) in your life.

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