Spring! I’m Feeling It!

Last weekend, Gus and I made a day trip up to the lakes. I couldn’t resist taking pictures and a short video of the fish swimming in the THAWED channel behind our “soon-to-be” lake cottage. I’m not much for fishing – I’d rather lounge on the pontoon with my Kindle and iPod, but even this made me want to pick up a fishing pole and jump in on the action. Since the kids all graduated […] Read the Full Article »

Black & Decker PCS10 PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor

I’ve been known to kill cactus – that’s just how ‘not green’ my thumb is. I saw a clip on television this morning talking about this plant sensor and had to check it out. From the potted petunia in the living room to the tomato plants on the patio to the Elm tree in the yard, Black & Decker’s Plant Smart sensor makes growing lush, healthy plants easy and fun. The compact digital sensor measures […] Read the Full Article »