Spring! I’m Feeling It!

Last weekend, Gus and I made a day trip up to the lakes. I couldn’t resist taking pictures and a short video of the fish swimming in the THAWED channel behind our “soon-to-be” lake cottage. I’m not much for fishing – I’d rather lounge on the pontoon with my Kindle and iPod, but even this made me want to pick up a fishing pole and jump in on the action. Since the kids all graduated […] Read the Full Article »

Womanly Wisdom: Understanding the Male Mind

A very sweet girl made the following statement on her Facebook. Seriously!!! I would love to go through a boy’s mind for just a day to see what the hell they are thinking!! 🙁 Always acting like it’s not a big deal, but it is with the girls!! Come on guys! Get real. To which I responded: A girl spending a day in the mind of a dude would become boring quickly. There’s seriously very […] Read the Full Article »

Ever notice – the most organized person is always the one looking for stuff! ME TOO!

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is having to look for ANYTHING! I’m one of the most organized people ON the freaking planet! Everything has a place and in it’s place it is. That is UNTIL someone else in the house needs something. Prime example – we have this issue with iPod headphones. Everyone else in the house seems to misplace theirs or lose them. Rather than looking for their own – they grab mine! […] Read the Full Article »

It’s a Man Bashing Kinda Day – my husband pissed me off!

Writing is usually a form of personal therapy that allows me to deal with things that bug me. I’ve been bugged for a couple of days now and in attempt to make myself feel a little better – I have carefully assembled this collection of MAN BASHING Quotes and boy! do I feel better disclaimer: this is not directed at all men – just my husband – love him, just don’t like him much right […] Read the Full Article »