Lessons that MUST be Learned in Relationships

This is an adaption of a post shared by a friend on Facebook (author unknown). The original "copy" I read focused on single men and women, however, I saw the value as it applies to those who are married as well. Because I am female, the list addresses He/Me as such. Whether you are male or female, you can easily fit yourself into the appropriate places throughout this list. Additionally, my friend is seeking commentary […] Read the Full Article »

Womanly Wisdom: Understanding the Male Mind

A very sweet girl made the following statement on her Facebook. Seriously!!! I would love to go through a boy's mind for just a day to see what the hell they are thinking!! 🙁 Always acting like it's not a big deal, but it is with the girls!! Come on guys! Get real. To which I responded: A girl spending a day in the mind of a dude would become boring quickly. There's seriously very […] Read the Full Article »