13 Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship

1 Most, if not all, of your family and friends do not like or trust your partner. This can be a tricky one to recognize for several reasons. Parents, especially, may not state their lack of trust directly because they know that in our state of love & infatuation we romanticize the “you and me against the world” mentality — they also know that this is something which the toxic partner will exploit, driving you […] Read the Full Article »

Most Recommended Brands According to Women

Women across America have identified the brands that they would highly recommend.  As the leading advocate for female consumers, WomenCertified Inc. honors these outstanding brands with the 2014 Women’s Choice Award®.  This designation is based on surveys of tens of thousands of women across America and serves as a symbol of empowerment, simplifying a woman’s decision when choosing a brand or service to purchase for herself or her family. “The Women’s Choice Award mission is […] Read the Full Article »

Womanly Wisdom: Understanding the Male Mind

A very sweet girl made the following statement on her Facebook. Seriously!!! I would love to go through a boy’s mind for just a day to see what the hell they are thinking!! 🙁 Always acting like it’s not a big deal, but it is with the girls!! Come on guys! Get real. To which I responded: A girl spending a day in the mind of a dude would become boring quickly. There’s seriously very […] Read the Full Article »