Womanly Wisdom: Understanding the Male Mind

A very sweet girl made the following statement on her Facebook.

Seriously!!! I would love to go through a boy's mind for just a day to see what the hell they are thinking!! 🙁 Always acting like it's not a big deal, but it is with the girls!! Come on guys! Get real.

To which I responded:

A girl spending a day in the mind of a dude would become boring quickly. There's seriously very little in there beyond boobs, beer and ball (pun 100% intentional).

Top Secret Research I have been privy to has revealed the attention span of a white mushroom is actually far greater than that of the male human.

If a guy were ever truly interested in understanding the mind of a female, it would require far more than a single day. The short attention span would result in days, weeks or months of study. The complexity would be exhaustive. The emotion would be suffocating. The ability to love so deeply would be crippling.

The good thing is, that's how we women keep men from ever truly understanding the amazing powers of a woman's intuition – our most powerful secret weapon that's often disguised behind distractions like boobs, butt and legs.

Learn it. Live it. Wear the shirt with pride! 😉

Okay ladies, do you have anything to share? These poor young girls need solid guidance here. Share your wisdom and be proud! Leave your comments below

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