Fall Landscaping Tips for Years of Brilliant Color

Fall is just around the corner. Days grow shorter, hot summer sun will be gone soon which means there will be less stress on young trees and shrubs.  During the winter months, many plants will go dormant, where they will place their energy on growing strong, deep roots to ensure they explode with new growth and vibrant color next spring. Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs. Nature Hills is one of […] Read the Full Article »

Fall Garden Tips – Seven Ways to Prepare Your Garden for the Season

Just because the growing season is behind us does not mean that it is time to focus your attention elsewhere. In fact, fall is a season that can make or break your spring and summer gardens. Like bugs and animals prepare for the season change, you too need to prepare your garden. Check out our seven tips on great ways to make sure your garden has the best chance to survive the harsh winter months. […] Read the Full Article »

Tailgating Tools That Make Your Tailgating Party a Success

  Tailgating is a culinary trend like no other, linked to sports and casual outdoor fun.  Four out of five tailgaters are male, according to the Tailgating Institute, and they want the right tools for the job.  Here are innovative products for the party in the parking lot. Reduce Fire & Ice Wave Tumbler offers the ultimate in hot and cold insulation, keeping your beverage at the perfect serving temperature. Flip top prevents spills. Trendy […] Read the Full Article »

Mosquitoes – How To Stop Them From Getting You

Mosquitoes are annoying, nasty little insects that bug us to no end. Especially in the summer months, they cause many itchy, annoying bites, and their bites hurt, too! Not only are they irritating, but mosquitoes can also carry the deadly West Nile virus or malaria. Here are some ways you can stop mosquitoes from getting you. Wear Insect Repellent When you’re outside, insect repellent is an excellent defense against mosquitoes. While you can take many […] Read the Full Article »

First Aid for Bug Bites-How to Keep the Itch Down

Getting bitten by a bug, no matter what kind it is, can be painful and irritating. The initial bite can hurt, and the lingering bite can irritate your skin causing it to itch. Most of the time, an itchy bug bite will cause you to scratch at it, but this will only further irritate your skin and make the bite take longer to heal. If you really want to cure an itchy bug bite, then […] Read the Full Article »