Christmas Party Animals – Hilarious Video

Freshpet says all the animals in the video are rescue pets at the Humane Society of Utah. The two teams were brought together by ShareAbility, a Utah-based brand agency that created the video for FreshPet. While it’s obviously an advertisement for pet food, the company says it created the video to highlight how amazing rescue dogs and cats can be when you add them to your family. What’s more, the company promises to pay the […] Read the Full Article »

Mr. Shoes Camouflage Canvas Sports Shoes for Your Pooch

As the temperatures begin to drop, our little wimpy dog, Cooper, is showing signs that he isn’t going to deal with the cold weather very well. Besides getting him a warm coat, blanket and bed, we’ve even discussed getting him some doggie shoes to cover his little paws when he goes out in the extremely cold weather. These are just too cute! I think we’ll be adding these camo sneakers to his Christmas list. Description: […] Read the Full Article »

Magnetic Screen Door by iGotTech – A Must Have for Pet Owners

About midway through the summer, one of our dogs, who shall remain nameless, managed to run into our sliding screen door, making it very difficult to open and close, easily. While we had looked at replacement options for the screen, we knew getting a similar product would have similar, frustrating results. I had seen the Magnetic Screen Door in the “As Seen on TV” isles at our local drugstore, but as with anything “As Seen […] Read the Full Article »

Dumb Inventions: The 5 Strangest Items For Dogs

When shopping, you tend to come across that one gadget that seems to be the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen. You wonder how someone could have thought of the idea, and you also wonder what kind of person would spend money on something so strange. But these strange products are not always intended for humans. In fact, some manufacturers are also bringing in a profit with strange toys for dogs. If you’re looking for the […] Read the Full Article »

The RCA Dog – Then and Now

After we lost our Jack Russell mix, Maggie, in early April, our Cocker Spaniel, Effie, became very depressed. A dog is a pack animal and we realized quickly, Effie needed a companion. We began keeping our eye out for a dog that needed a good home – perhaps one who had lost their owner. We were thinking we lost a puppy – and if a puppy lost an owner, it would be a more natural […] Read the Full Article »