Disappointed with your Mother’s Day? Women don’t get mad–they get what they want!

Slow down, we've got time left to be lazy

I was stunned, yet somehow found a bit of comfort in knowing women everywhere – as in global-everywhere were united on Mother’s Day in one giant pity party. I’ll admit, I was partying among the best party-throwers. About mid-day, my husband asked me if I was mad. I wasn’t angry as much as I was disappointed.

I pride myself in my ability to channel my inner June Clever while holding up my fair share of the financial responsibility of our household/family expenses. I realize my family doesn’t see me do all the things I do – so naturally, they assume there is such a thing as a Dust Fairy, Laundry Fairy, Scrubby-Bubbles Fairy, Cooking Fairy, etc. I’m guilty – I groomed them to be that way.

Still, anyone with internet, an email account or any account across social media knew it was Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is NOT just another day. It’s THE day that roles are meant to be reversed or at the very least, the day “Mom” is spoiled instead of the one who is spoiling.

By the end of the night, every member of my family had pulled through with some recognition – but like most other days, I worked – I cleaned.

When the Mr. asked me if I was angry – and after a brief discussion in which those knuckle-busting words “but I’m not your mother.” spilled out of his mouth and into the wind where it could never be retracted. After letting him know just how RIGHT he was, I waited for him to proceed with what HE “wanted” to do. That’s when I snuck into the house and met up with The Captain.

For a few hours, the Captain took me away – to a place where I was a little less hurt and felt less neglected – a place that was a whole lot spicier than where I had spent my morning.

Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum! That was the extent of my “affair” this Mother’s Day. Yet, the results of a poll appearing on News.com AU reveals a very different story. Check the results of more than 24,200 women polled and comments made by AshleyMadison founder, Noel Biderman:

According Noel Biderman, “when a woman experiences consecutive holidays or milestones without affection or appreciation, the idea of taking a lover takes full form.” Biderman went on to say, “while Mother’s Day might not have the implicit romance factor of Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, it’s a holiday that compels women to reflect on their relationships."

Of the Aussie mothers polled:

  • 67 per cent admitted that they have taken a call from their lover in front of their child.
  • 52 per cent reported that they have been late to pick their child up from sports, school, a play date, etc.
  • 29 per cent of the mums polled admitted to changing their child’s plans in order to accommodate a rendezvous.
  • 4 per cent of mums polled said that they have introduced their child to their lover under a false pretense.

Looks like all those men, with good women, need to man up and do a little spoiling – at least on the 5 sacred days a year that women expect to be spoiled. There are romance-starved men lurking just beyond a few mouse clicks ready to sweep a good woman off her feet and eager to leave selfish husbands to their favorite chair, television remote and cold beer.

Note to Men: The five days you MUST recognize and do a little spoiling are birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Don’t complain – you get the remaining 299 days.

Disclaimer: I would never judge anyone for the adult choices they make – but for me, infidelity is not an option – for me OR my husband (if he knows what’s good for him) I think it’s important for couples to talk and let each other know when they are feeling neglected. The grass is always going to look greener on the other side – but there’s none as green as the one at home when it’s getting the proper care.

Anyone have anything to add?

FULL ARTICLE @ News.com.au

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