DIY Home Appliance Repair – I fixed my own squeaky dryer

A couple months ago my clothes dryer developed a horrible squeak. The heavier the load, the louder the squeak.

Not having the money to do repairs right away, I opted for using the clothes line to get us through the summer months.

Let me tell you – it was so nice to see such a drop in our electric bills. But, as with all good things – that too must come to an end. With all the cooler weather and rainy days as of recent, it became painfully obvious that I was going to have to do something about the dryer.

I only had a few options:

1. Call a repairman

2. Get rid of the dryer and get a new one

3. Fix it myself

I did try to call a repairman first. Let me just say that finding an appliance repairman these days isn’t an easy task. There used to be several of them locally, but now – the closest one is about 20 miles away. When I spoke to the closest one, he told me what he thought the problem might be and how much it would cost to have him fix it. Frankly, it would be cheaper to replace the thing with a nice used one from a local vender known for quality used appliances.

Next, I phoned the used appliance store – they had several in stock ranging from $80 – $175. For me to get what I wanted and needed, I was looking toward the higher end. Knowing that, I wasn’t quite ready to settle on that option. I still felt like there was more I could do and more I could save.

With the knowledge I’d gained from the first phone call, I hoped on Youtube and searched squeaky dryer, replacing bearing and glides.

After seeing how easy it would be to do the work myself, I clicked over to Amazon to see if I could find the parts I needed.

Of course, Amazon has just about everything under the sun – they had the parts I needed for $25! I placed my order with a shop called Partshouse.

The parts arrived in just a few days and earlier today I decided it was time to tackle the job.

My husband asked if I wanted help, but I felt confident this was a job I could do on my own and TWENTY minutes later, I had the job done, the area cleaned up, swept, vents cleaned out and was on my way with the weeks laundry.

If your dryer is squeaking – I would start off looking at the glides (sometimes called slides) and the front bearing. The job sounds WAY bigger then what it actually is – the parts are affordable – especially on Amazon and you can save yourself a bundle!

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