Dog Rescue Organization of the Year – My Nomination

animal protection league When the opportunity to participate in the Fenced In by Love 2014 – Dog Rescue Organization and Volunteer Of The Year blog campaign was presented, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without submitting my nomination for The Indiana Animal Protection League.

The Animal Protection League was founded in 2003 and is a non-profit organization. The primary mission of INAPL is to raise awareness concerning animal care and cruelty. Over the years, INAPL has introduced programs educating the public on the humane treatment of animals, responsible care-giving and the importance of the human/animal connection; the reciprocal bond that exists between humans and animals.

Maleah Stringer is dedicated to the welfare of animals and to creating a society that understands that the way we treat animals is directly related to the way we treat people. She has launched award winning adoption programs, has been featured in national publications for her efforts, and has been nominated as a “Person of the Year” by the Anderson Herald Bulletin. An Indiana University alumna, Stringer has operated a personal training business since 1990 and has been a columnist since 2003. Her column, Animal Connection, has helped raise awareness in our community concerning the connection between animal abuse and human violence and encourages the community to treat animals with compassion. One of Stringer's proudest accomplishments is her work with the Indiana Department of Corrections and the development of programs including FIDO, Saving Max and the 9 Lives Cat Prison Program that save animals and help inmates give back to the community.

In 2011, The APL entered a partnership with the City of Anderson, Indiana to manage the local animal shelter. APL makes stellar use of available resources, a loving staff and kind-hearted volunteers to find loving adopters for the homeless cats and dogs in Anderson and the surrounding communities.

Stringer worked with state Senator Tim Lanane to pass statewide legislation mandating counseling for convicted animal abusers. Through similar efforts she also spearheaded the introduction of The FIDO program which places shelter dogs with inmates of Pendleton’s Correctional Industrial Facility. The FIDO shelter dog prison program addresses 3 issues:  First, it saves healthy loving dogs from euthanasia and puts them in loving homes.  Next, it provides rehabilitation for the inmates. Finally, it encourages responsible pet ownership by having our dogs spayed/ neutered, making every attempt to ensure that the adoption is a good fit, and ensuring animals are adopted to owners who will give them loving homes and make a commitment to the life of that animal.

Stringer’s passion comes from giving a voice to the voiceless. In a recent news clip, she was quoted “We are their voices,” she said of the animals she saves. “How we treat our animals shows what kind of society we are. There’s definitely a link between how we treat people and how we treat animals.”

Over the years, I have watched this organization make use of every possible outlet to introduce the animals in their care, to people in the community. I have witnessed them spending their weekends at local shops and functions bringing loveable pets to the public that may otherwise not be seen. I have read many news articles where The APL has given a voice to the animals that had no voice. Their continued love and dedication to the hundreds of animals they rescue each year make them an obvious choice for me. My nomination for Organization of the year is The Animal Protection League of Anderson, Indiana.

Do you have an animal rescue volunteer and/or organization you would like to nominate? Complete details at Fenced In by Love 2014 – Dog Rescue Organization and Volunteer Of The Year – Great rewards for all participants and for the winning nominations in various categories.

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