Dumb Inventions: The 5 Strangest Items For Dogs

bully breeds When shopping, you tend to come across that one gadget that seems to be the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen. You wonder how someone could have thought of the idea, and you also wonder what kind of person would spend money on something so strange.

But these strange products are not always intended for humans. In fact, some manufacturers are also bringing in a profit with strange toys for dogs. If you’re looking for the weirdest of the weird, check out the following five strangest items for your pooch.

1. Hot Doll

The Hot Doll is not something that you will come across every day, but it may be something that you dog truly likes. If your dog has a tendency to hump you, other dogs or even inanimate objects, then the Hot Doll is the best purchase for your pup. The Hot Doll is a “love toy” for dogs, providing them a safe, dog-like place to get their hump on. The Hot Doll is extremely ugly too, but if it’s something that will make your dog happy and keep them off of everyone else, then maybe it’s a smart purchase.

2. Dog Lips

Putting human characteristics on a dog has been entertaining humans for years, but Dog Lips have easily taken the prize. This plush toy is designed as an oversized pair of lips that make it appear as if your dog is smiling at you when they hold it in their mouth. While it may be funny, it only works if your dog holds it in their mouth correctly, and let’s face it, your dog won’t do it often.

3. Bowser Beer for Dogs

It’s unlikely that your dog watches you open a bottle of beer and think, “Gee, I wish I could drink that.” But the people at Bowser Beer think differently, and they’ve launched Bowser Beer for Dogs. The beer is non-alcoholic, so you don’t have to worry about your pooch getting behind the wheel of a car after taking down a six-pack. It’s also non-carbonated, so it won’t hurt their precious tummies either.

4. Doggy High Chair

Don’t allow your pooch to spend another meal lonely on the floor. Instead, you could buy a Doggy High Chair and allow your pup to comfortably sit at the table with you. This way, while you and your family are enjoying your meal and discussing the day’s events, your dog can be part of the festivities too. Although you might need to train them not to reach for any of the human food.

5. Butt Cover

Sure, your dog’s butt hole is not very attractive, but it’s something you have to see when your dog walks by with their tail up in the air. Apparently, the people at Rear Gear were tired of seeing the butt holes of dogs, so they invented the Butt Cover for Dogs. These “covers” attach to your dogs tail and hang over the butt hole to cover it from sight any time your dog’s tail is up. They come in different sizes with different designs, so you can easily choose the one that best fits your dog’s personality.

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