Ever Have One of Those Bad Mommy Kodak Moments?

Trey and Coty Baer - Circa 1998

Have you ever gone on a cleaning frenzy in your house only to uncover disposable camera’s you don’t have a clue what’s on them?

Well, I have had plenty of those.

I actually used to be very good at keeping a disposable camera in the boys bag that traveled to daycare or on overnight visits to grandma’s house – If they did something fun, cute or memorable, I wanted it captured for me. I just happened to suck at getting those camera’s developed in a timely manner.

While looking over old blog posts and family pictures, I found myself chuckling at one particular incident. I had taken a phantom camera in to get it developed only to discover my, then, 4-year-olds had gotten a hold of it and had taken pictures of each other IN THEIR Underwear, sleepwalking, fake sleeping etc.

Needless to say I was HORRIFIED at the thought, that IF, the sales clerk had not noticed the tiny little toes of the photographer in a couple of the photos, I could have had the police waiting to haul me in from the picture-pickup counter.


The next time, I found THREE phantom cameras of which I took in for processing. I informed the clerk of my previous experience, just to be on the safe side, as I had NO idea what I was in for. The clerk chuckled of course, because we all know kids say and DO, the darndest things.

An hour had passed so I went back to pick up my pictures.

Again, holding my breath I opened the first package. My emotions went straight from fear to feelings of complete and total failure as a MOM. Keep in mind, my kids were TWELVE at the time! The photo shown above was in the mix of pictures that had gone undeveloped for so long. It just happens to be the CUTEST Thanksgiving photo EVER!

Aren’t they Adorable? 🙂

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