Extreme Couponing Story: What a Whole Lotta Free Looks Like

I’ve been doing the couponing thing on a very small scale level for a couple of months now. While I do have a little success, I haven’t forced myself to invest much time just yet.

Do you ever get the feeling that your “to do” list just keeps growing and that you’ll never actually catch up?

Yep, me too!

As I’ve shared recently, my family was very blessed to have found a foreclosed lake home that has needed quite a bit TLC – that’s where our main focus has been recently. It’s all coming together nicely. As the fun projects come together, the need for a tighter budget is also making itself very well known.

One of the greatest pieces of inspiration I have encountered thus far was received as a housewarming gift from the mother to my sons girlfriend.

The boys came home bearing gifts following a visit with her family. Two clothes baskets FULL of items she told me were FREE!

See… This is what FREE stuff looks like:

extreme couponing free stuff

Can you believe this?

There was a time when I thought I would be embarrassed to use coupons – but why? That was just dumb!

Coupons are FREE MONEY given to consumers by the manufactures and stores. If they gave you a hand full of George’s or Lincoln’s I would not have had a problem.

My entire mindset changed the day I saw my former boss and President of the company I worked for clipping coupons. The fact she was the President of a retail business was quite telling.

Obviously she knew something I didn’t.

The thing is, I can either pay full price for laundry soap, shower gel, razors, bread, buns and cereal or I can invest a little time in couponing, save that money and spend it on things that are far more fun!

Laura gave me a quick lesson and a couple of suggestions to help get me on my way. Those suggestions are:

Join CouponMom.com – it’s a website that organizes coupons and best sale deals by state and by store. Simply check off the items you wish to have on your shopping list – match those with the coupons and you’re all set. They even tell you exactly what issues and dates you can find those coupons in. Super EASY people!

Buy multiple issues of the newspaper – Laura said she has access to and purchases about 20 papers per week. I’m thinking 4 to 6 issues would do me just fine.

Laura went on to tell me she’s not the most computer savvy person and she’s had no problem learning and catching on. Logic tells me, I should be able to do this especially since I’m looking at doing about a 1/4 of the amount she’s doing.

What’s holding you back from couponing?

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