From Brutal Torture, Murder and as Inmate #86G0206 to Liberal Saint

This morning, I read an article from a far right conservative website and my first instinct was it was too dramatic, too sensational and to horrific that it couldn’t possibly be true. I was wrong!

Donna Hylton 3

Donna Hylton (Twitter), convicted murderer was listed among the speakers at The Women’s March on Washington last week. Donna Hylton, along with three men and three other women, kidnapped 60-year-old Thomas Vigliarolo then brutally and violently tortured him to death.

Donna Hylton

Vigliarole had originally believed three girls in the group were prostitutes who would have sex with him. But the girls drugged him and took him to a Harlem apartment that had been prepared for his arrival where the next 15 to 20 days … the man was starved, burned, beaten, and tortured. As noted in a 1995 Psychology Today article, when asked about forcibly sodomizing the victim with a three foot steel pole, Hylton replied: “He was a homo anyway.”

Read the most detailed coverage of Donna Hylton that I’ve found here.

Hylton’s name is listed on the Women’s March website alongside prominent liberals like Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, writer and activist Gloria Steinem, actress Ashley Judd, actress Scarlett Johansson, filmmaker Michael Moore and CNN commentator Van Jones.

On her website, which I read through this morning, she focuses entirely on the fact that she was victimized as a child and as an inmate. Her primary goal since being released from prison is criminal justice reform.

To quote Hylton from her About Page:

I know and believe in my heart that my prison sentence was a part of a bigger plan; it was a place for me to survive, heal, and find my calling—to help others.

So she really thinks it was her destiny to take part in the brutal attack and murder of an innocent man to get where she is today?


Not once, NOT ONE TIME, in the interviews I have read or anywhere on her website/blog has she EVER owned her part in that horrific crime. NOT ONCE have I seen an ounce of remorse or guilt. It's all about her being the victim. A victim as a child. A victim as an inmate. A victim of the system. A victim of the government. A victim of the people. But NEVER a peep about HER victim!  

Donna Hylton 2

On her Twitter account, Black Lives Matter – higher education in prison matters, prison reform matters – but Thomas Vigliarolo and his family do not!

Typical liberal. THIS is a very large part of WHY I am SO thankful I am no longer brainwashed by those monsters who rely on turning everyone into a victim based on race, gender, religion, and sexual preference so they can grown government into a much BIGGER government that controls and dictates the lives of everyone.

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  1. That is so disturbing, it’s beyond description. Liberals notoriously never, ever take responsibility for their actions, always seeking to blame something or someone else. It is so, so sickening.
    Despite all that , have a great day, Gayla!

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