George Soros Significant Ties to Women’s March Exposed

bernie Not that many of us didn’t suspect it, and not that anyone who observes the world through strong liberal filters will read it, but here – this is a great article with stellar research that exposes the significant ties of George Soros and the D.C. Women’s March (which had nothing to do with women, but everything to do with Anti-Trump).

The Women’s March on Washington, which was expected to draw hundreds of thousands of participants to the capital on Saturday, was intended to demonstrate opposition among progressive women to the policies of President-elect Donald J. Trump.

But the loudest criticism of the march has come not from Trump supporters; rather, it has come from participants who argue that women of color have hijacked the event by focusing it on themselves, instead of women more broadly. March organizers told me they received a surge of complaints after women of color called for more representation on the march’s leadership team.

This criticism echoes one of the most persistent attacks against Democrats, from the left and the right, after the presidential election: that a focus on so-called identity politics was in part to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss. Proponents of this view argue that Democrats have been sidetracked by trying to accommodate the various needs of a diverse America and thus have failed to promote a unifying narrative.

Read the full article here and be sure to click through to all the source links.

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  1. Isa Ryan says:

    Wow I love your site! You are right up my alley as an opinionated former liberal, truth finder, and political junkie! I’ll defintely have to check this article out but I’ll surely be following your blog.

    What made me angriest about the women’s march is how they ignored the plight of the seriously oppressed women in the world-Muslim women. Not only that, but it was actually organized by a Muslim who supports Sharia law!! This absolutely disgusts me as a woman that they claim to be “the sisterhood”.

    Thanks for defending the truth, I’m so happy to have found you!

    • Gayla says:

      Hi Isa, so nice to virtually meet you – especially as a member of the former liberal sisterhood 🙂 I’ve learned there are SO many of us out there this last year. I’m always interested in learning the defining moment that former liberals realized the truth – if you don’t mind sharing. Also, are you like me? Once you began to see the deceptive ways of the left, is it hard for you not to see it now? For me, it’s like something that I just can’t shut off – I see it ALL the time now. I also noticed you are following on Not Before Coffee on Facebook – you are always welcome to share your articles, interesting finds and opinions there. We have a big job to do – finding and sharing the truth! The more capable people we have and places to share, the better 🙂

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