George Soros Significant Ties to Women’s March Exposed

Not that many of us didn’t suspect it, and not that anyone who observes the world through strong liberal filters will read it, but here – this is a great article with stellar research that exposes the significant ties of George Soros and the D.C. Women’s March (which had nothing to do with women, but everything to do with Anti-Trump). The Women’s March on Washington, which was expected to draw hundreds of thousands of participants […] Read the Full Article »

Where I Draw the Line on Equal Rights

As an observer of a recent discussion on the topic of feminism, I found myself pondering just how much I support or stand against feminism. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for equal pay for equal work. I’m all for a woman’s right to vote and I stand firm in that a woman has a right to choose. What’s between a woman and her God is just that. I do believe, however, there is […] Read the Full Article »