Girls – What did your mama’s teach you about boys?

I’ve been trying to explain to the young men of the house; all those things girls look for in a guy.

Reflecting back on my own teen years and the teachings of both my mother and grandmother, I have to wonder if times really have changed that much.

I remember the words I used in the ‘old days’ as I fumed at very suggestion that my teen years even remotely resembled her own.

Looking back, I have to admit, the older I get, the wiser my mother and grandmother have seemed.

The things I have always remembered and have tried hard to keep in mind when dating were:

  • Does he have clean shoes?
  • Does he have clean teeth?
  • Does he keep the inside of his car tidy and clean?

My mother taught me to look at those things and know that IF the guy took the time to take care of those three things – he was probably a pretty clean guy and one I would likely NOT have to pick up after.

The things I learned to watch for on my own…

If you are dating a guy who misses a lot of school or a lot of work – how do you think you can depend on him if his employers cant?

Pay very close attention to how your guy treats his mother – a waiter – a cashier. You can get a clear idea of how he’s going to treat his wife and children someday, simply by observing how he treats and interacts with these people.

Does your guy like stay up late and sleep all day? Chances are, he’s probably hinging on the lazy side. Once in a while is okay – but to make it a frequent habit – nada!

Does your guy tend to run late for appointments or dates with you? I’m not sure what bigger sign is needed to display the neon wording that reads UNRELIABLE!

How does he keep his bedroom and bathroom? A simple peek inside the door can tell you tons about his personal hygiene habits. These are two rooms that just can’t cover up slob!

So what are some of the things your mama taught you to look for in men?

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