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GoodRx prescription savings app

I’m not one of those people who is aging gracefully. Over the years, I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, seasonal effective disorder, ADD and OCD.

Over the last several month’s, I have noticed a brain-fog that has had me so perplexed. Forgetting things is just NOT me. The OCD aspect of me has, for the most part, kept me on task and has helped me to remember things, even the most trivial things that most people would not remember.

A couple of weeks ago, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to have a complete checkup. My brain-fog and lack of energy had gotten THAT bad.

My doctor ordered a complete blood workup that checked everything – Thyroid, hormones, etc. Although the results proved my suspicions, it was a relief to know my symptoms were NOT normal and could be treated.

My thyroid was low and my hormones are a bit out of whack. Yesterday, I went for a follow-up to discuss treatment options. I am very happy to be taking proactive measures to getting back to a more normal state – even if I can’t stop the aging thing, there are treatments to help with this horrible brain-fog I’ve been suffering. It had gotten so bad, I was becoming more and more isolated. I was afraid to go in public just because I was so forgetful and zoned out a lot. Driving was a challenge – socializing was even more of a challenge.

My doctor gave me a few prescriptions and while we do have fairly decent insurance, there were a couple that the insurance didn’t cover. Apparently they don’t find much need to treat aging.

While at the doctors office, I noticed a display on the counter for GoodRx. The display was out of pamphlets so I read the display and made a mental note thinking it was information I could pass on to friends and family who might need it. I didn’t know at the time, that I would be one who could make use of it too.

When I arrived at my pharmacy, I was told the insurance would not cover two of the meds. Naturally, I wanted to try the treatment anyway, so I told them to go ahead. Even to the tune of $182 out of pocket.

While I waited for my scripts, I hurried to download the GoodRx app on my phone. I was hoping it wouldn’t be some long signup process, as I was limited on time. My scripts were going to be ready within 15 minutes.

The app downloaded through my app store and since my information was already saved in my phone, I had the app up and running in 2 minutes. I hurried with a quick search of the meds I had been prescribed and was thrilled to see I could save more than $80. I took my phone to the pharmacist and asked if I could apply my GoodRx coupon to my scripts.

The pharmacist asked for my phone, and said she would delete the scripts and start over since the GoodRx coupons needed to be applied BEFORE the insurance. She was so sweet to take the couple of extra minutes to save me $80+ on my bill.

GoodRx is available through your app store on your smartphone OR you can go to their website where you can join. Once you have joined, you simply search your prescriptions – look for your pharmacy or view the price and savings at other pharmacies that are local to you.

  • On smartphones, you click the coupon to save it to your profile.
  • On the website, you click the coupon and print it to take with you to your pharmacy.

It’s really that simple.

Everyone knows I am all about saving money and with the cost of health care and prescriptions being what they are, every little bit helps.

If you do use the GoodRx savings app or site, and you save money, I would love to hear about it. Let me know how much you saved by leaving a comment here.

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