It’s All About The Kiss

kissing With a woman’s lips being her number one erogenous zone, men should pay careful attention to their kissing techniques.

The entire fate of the relationship could hinge on that very first kiss.

I always did say I wanted a man that could curl my toes with a kiss blown across the room! And let me tell you, I had a few that made my toes curl but not in a good way!

An unforgettable kiss can make a woman want you like no other — while the wrong kiss can land you on your couch on a Saturday night where the only tongue action you’ll be getting is from your dog.

What do you say girls, shall we leave a few pointers for the men folk?

What are some of the best and worst traits you’ve discovered in your own kissing experiences?

I’ll go first –

Guys, brush those teeth and do so often! Lots of women like a man with a set of pearly whites!

Wet kisses are fine, but those that would give Hurricane Katrina a run for her money are not!

Licking my tonsils will not cause an orgasm — stop trying!

I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones in that I wound up marrying the first boy I ever kissed. You know, the one that set the standard? The one I learned with and from?

However, there were many in between the first time and today and no matter how hot the guy was, if he was a bad kisser I was taking the hike!

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