Mom dating daughter’s ex-lover upsets family

In a letter to Dear Abby, a mother has presented a problem that she’s hoping to get some advice on.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Abby: My daughter’s former lover, “Beau,” is my age. (She is 20 years younger.) She was married when she and Beau had their affair, and still is. She regretted the affair, but continues to keep him as a friend. She introduced us a few years ago.

As their affair dwindled to a friendship, Beau and I began to have an interest in each other. As I started to see him in a different light, my family got upset.

Are they overreacting, or is this so strange that I should stop the relationship? It does creep me out a bit, but Beau is such fun to be with that I don’t dwell on the past. Would it be extremely weird to date your daughter’s ex-lover? Your thoughts, please.

Having a Ball Down South

Is it really THAT difficult to see WHY anyone in the family would be upset?

Talk about the discomfort this would cause over Thanksgiving and Christmas?

I’m sorry, but I canNOT imagine dating someone that had been involved with and slept with a close personal friend, let alone a family member.

If this mother were standing in front of you at this very moment, what would YOU say to her?

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