My First “Extreme Couponing” Experience Wow!

My first ‘Extreme Couponing’ experience happened today at my local CVS.

I developed my plan before leaving my house based on the coupons I had and the matchups I found listed online.

My entire purchase wound up being $30 worth of items pre tax and my final price out of pocket was $7.60.

I realized after I left the store that had I chosen to have the purchase rang up in a different sequence I would have saved an additional $2.00.

Live and learn.

I’m very pleased with my purchase and my stockpile is officially underway. We now have a collection of feminine products – and well, here on Lake Testosterone, the smallish supply will last until menopause I would say. We also have a nice stock of deodorants for both men and women.

I feel SO accomplished.

Now I’m more anxious than ever to get my hands on a new book that is arriving in the mail shortly. I share details on that later.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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