Online Personals – The Right Picture

When it comes to browsing the online personals ads, do you prefer to see snapshots or professional photos. Let’s say the ad only allows for one photo – which one would you rather see?

I’ve read so many dating tips that recommend using professional photos, but during my online dating career I typically shied away from the professional shots and went more for the snapshots.

I suppose it had more to do with snapshots seeming more “real” and knowing that anyone can take the time and effort to look their absolute best for a pro-shot.

The professional shot isn’t totally out of the question though, I think it’s wise to have one on hand to present at a later time should someone be interested in seeing more photos – am I off base here?  Perhaps a bit odd when it comes to my preferences?

I’m interested in what others see when they look at the photos that are appearing on personal ads.

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