Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey – We’re tightening our belts

Since Gus and I are embarking on a new life together – the economy sucks as bad as it does AND our dreams of owning a lake house grow, I’ve decided to attack our budget in ways I can – because I like control like that!

After being SO inspired by my blog crush and forever inspiration, Kim Rowley and her $6 Target Trips – the lady on Today Show who purchased darned near $300 worth of groceries for SEVEN BUCKS – I decided this was something I could should would do!

Anytime I begin a new adventure of any kind – I make a trip to Amazon.com to see what is available by way of “teaching tools” and I ALWAYS read the reviews. I want to know I’m getting the best for my dollar – even if it is technically “free” because I’m using my commissions from Amazon to make my purchases.

I wound up purchasing Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey. The reviews were great and I really felt like it was going to be presented in a way that even I could manage to master.

Let me tell you – IT WAS and IS a masterful plan to help even the laziest coupon clipper save.

I’ve not officially made my first trip to the grocery YET because I am reading the book cover to cover FIRST. I want to make sure I take it all in.

Today I will make a stop to pick up my binder and other recommended essentials to organize myself for this major life change.

I will be sharing my experiences, my savings and LOADS of pictures as I begin training to become a Krazy Coupon Lady

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