Please Join Me In Praying for a Miracle

jakey He doesn’t like the camera much today

Since early October 2010 my family has been doing everything possible to find a label for the condition our family dog has. There have been tests, multiple vet visits, a second opinion, medications, etc. Still, nothing definitive has ever been named, only guesses and treatments for suspect conditions.

In October, Jakes left eye began to swell – severely. To the point he was unable to blink fully resulting in a very sore, dry eye. The vet prescribed eye drops for a possible infection.

Didn’t work.

Meanwhile we found Jake tested positive for heartworms. Mild case but could not treat him for heartworms until other infections were cleared up.

We continue to explore options for fixing his eye.

Jake acted like it hurt him to eat – Vet put him out to run some tests, that’s when he realized how stiff Jakes jaw was. Jake was then believed to have Masticatory Myositis. At that point Jake was placed on prednisone at high levels to help with the painful jaw and hopefully reduce the swelling in his eye.

The jaw did loosen, he was able to eat without pain but the toll the medication was taking on his body was horrific. The usual side effects were in place – the excessive drinking, frequent urination, fatigue, lethargy.

Jake is a real trooper though – he was able to maintain an appetite, eating early in the morning, going outside to take care of business without problem then was given the morning dose of medication that would send him into a zombie like state the rest of the day and night.

Jake is still on the prednisone but is growing ever weaker – now to the point that he’s unable to stand, let alone walk.

It’s SO difficult watching our loyal friend and loved one losing muscle mass to the point that he’s barely recognizable.

Still we hope.

Still we pray.

Still we believe a miracle will happen that brings our buddy back to us healthier then before.

Having rescued this amazing dog from the shelter when he was 11 weeks old and having him in our family since has made this relationship one that is of humanlike quality.  

The vet called today with the recent results from Jakes tests and said the news was not good. But what does he know, right?

My family is not prepared to let go.

Years ago when my boys and I moved and got our own house, we left Jake on the farm with my dad. We wanted Jake to continue to run like he always had – but we also wanted my dad to have a friend he could count on and not have to feel alone. Those two have been so good for each other.

While talking to my dad earlier, he refused to believe Jake was suffering but rather to believe that God would take care of this situation in a Godly way. Dad said he promised Jake he would stand by him to the very end, if that’s what he needed to do and he said he will not break that promise to Jake.

With that, I agreed to stand with my dad, to believe in the power of prayer – to believe in miracles and to believe that Jake can and will be healed of this dreadful condition and back to chasing chipmunks around the farm in now time.

Jake is such a precious, precious soul. Many people have said he’s far more humanlike then doglike. I’ve simply always thought – Of course he’s special – He’s God Made

I’m calling on my friends, family, readers – anyone who believes in prayer, positive thinking, healing or miracles to believe with me, with us, that Jake will get better.

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