Silly Reasons for Breaking Off a Relationship

God knows I’ve had my own share of lame reasons for dumping relationships — some of the ones that might sound silliest to most are:

5. Poor manners. The dude hung over his salad like he hadn’t eaten in months and the guy at the next table was going to take his food.

4. Lip Issues – I’m not sure what it was, but the guy had this film that was constantly on his lips. It was just icky! Ewww. There was NO way in Hell I was gonna kiss THAT!

3. When Size Does Matter – I’m 5?7? tall and having grown up with a tall father and short mother, I supposed it just seems normal to me that the woman be shorter. I tried to date shorter men a few times and it just wasn’t happening.

2. An Extra Value Meal Split for Two – When a date took me to the park for a nice romantic walk, I thought we were really going somewhere. Then we went to a fast food joint where he ordered the two cheese burger meal and ONE large drink for us to split. I didn’t even like the drink he ordered. I’d have happily purchased my own meal, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

And the number 1 silly reason I’ve ever dumped a relationship…

1. Dirty Car – When the guy opened the passenger door for me to get in for the date and fast food bags, pop cans and candy bar wrappers fell out all over the ground, I knew it was over before it began. At least he was concerned enough about the environment to pick the garbage up and throw it in the back floorboard.

Ok, your turn! What’s the lamest excuse you’ve ever had for ending a relationship?

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