Stranger Danger – What Your Kids Need To Know

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“Stranger danger” is an important topic of discussion. Beginning when your children are very young, you need to begin talking to them about strangers. Here are some things they should know and how you can approach the topic in a constructive manner.

Who are Strangers?

In order to teach your kids about stranger danger, it’s most important that you teach them exactly who strangers are. The word “stranger” is elusive, and it generally conjures up images of scary, menacing figures. Your kids need to be taught that a “stranger” is anyone they or you don’t know very well or at all, and that they can look like anyone. It’s difficult to tell if a stranger is good or bad just by looking at them. It’s important to stress, however, that most strangers are not bad.

Which Strangers are Safe?

Your children should know that people like police officers, firefighters, teachers, and librarians are safe strangers that can help them if needed. If your child needs help, like if they’re lost or don’t know anyone nearby, they should try to ask a safe stranger to help. If they don’t see a safe stranger, they should ask any stranger, but preferably a woman with children. They should always go to a public place with lots of people to ask for help from someone.

When are Strangers Dangerous?

You should go over common dangerous scenarios with your children. Let them know that an adult should never ask a child for help, and they should never go anywhere with a stranger, even if that stranger is a safe stranger. They shouldn’t get in – or even go near – a car with someone they don’t know. They should not talk to or go with any strangers, even if they seem nice or okay. If someone is bothering them, asking them to go somewhere, or following them, they should find a safe stranger to ask for help. If they think they are in danger, they should scream loudly.

Trusting Their Instincts

It’s very important to teach your children to trust their instincts. Let them know that their instincts will guide them, and they should never doubt them. If they have a bad feeling that a safe stranger is dangerous, they should listen to it. If they have any bad feelings about strangers, they should get away from that stranger as soon as possible and ask for help.

Practicing Scenarios

Do some role-playing with your child to reinforce the lessons you’re trying to tell them. Act out different scenarios where you are a stranger, and help your kids practice reacting to different situations, such as being asked to get inside a car. Let them practice screaming loudly, too. In a public place, you can even sit and discuss with your child what they would do if a stranger approached them right there. Where would they go? Who would they ask for help? Help them assess their environment and surroundings.

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