Students Wear KKK-ish Outfits To School For Project

Four High School students wear Klan-like costumes for a history reenactment class project.

The group walked around school with the white sheets and even went so far as to ask a black student if he wanted to take part in the filming reenactment of a lynching.

Some students were said to be scared. The teacher says it was a bad decision.

You think?

Come on – it’s one thing to discuss the horrible acts of some of our ancestors – but it’s entirely another to create the horrific visuals.

If my child had come home asking for a white sheet and shared details of his “history assignment” I would have been on a tirade. There are more people at fault here.

Years ago, at the urging of a family member, I took my boys to a local barber shop for a haircut. Thank God they were too little to pay much attention to the walls. It appeared as if the barber took great pride in his extensive collection of actual lynching photographs.

I was mortified.

I can’t believe such bigotry exists in this day and age. Certainly there is prejudice on various levels – and I’m guilty of the same, however, my prejudice encompasses the bad behaviors of all races – because bad behavior knows no color.

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