Mike Brown and the Legacy of Barack Obama

The documentary, “Stranger Fruit” by Jason Pollock challenges the police narrative that Michael Brown committed a strong-armed robbery moments before he was fatally shot in August 2014 in Ferguson, Mo. Pollock uses the video from the store to assert that Brown’s altercation with store employees was part of a misunderstanding tied to a possible earlier drug transaction. See that new video here: I would just like to point out that the NEW video that shows […] Read the Full Article »

An Open Letter to The Parents of Michael Brown

I realize losing a child is never easy, regardless of circumstance. Believe me, my parents lost their son to a terminal illness when he was thirteen. Time does not heal all wounds, but time does offer a bit of clarity in our thought process. I hope and pray that a sense of clarity is able to fall upon you, once the trauma surrounding the recent events have subsided and that you will realize the timeline […] Read the Full Article »

Black or White – Left or Right – A Thug is a Thug

As I watch the events unfold in Ferguson, Missouri, I am withholding my own opinion on the Michael Brown case until all the evidence is in. I am anxious to see the results of the touch DNA tests on the officers car and his gun. Although, at this point, I think any evidence that falls in favor of the police officer will be perceived as biased or tainted. I’m not sure there is anything that […] Read the Full Article »