The DNC Be Like…Russia, Russia, Russia

Russia is just a bright shiny object concocted to distract uninformed Americans. They KNOW their world, their lies, their trickery are being exposed and they keep pushing this Russia collusion story that FOR MONTHS has produced NOTHING! Not a single shred of proof! We DO HOWEVER, know that laws were broken, Americans were spied on ILLEGALLY and that info was shared illegally! We DO know that the crime of #unmasking took place. What is more […] Read the Full Article »

Donald Trump – Russia – Missing Emails – Espionage and THIS

Last night at the Democratic National Convention in Philly, former CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta blasted Donald Trump over foreign policy, calling a vote for him “deadly serious,” but several delegates tried to shout him down during his speech. Delegates from Oregon erupted, briefly interrupting his remarks by chanting “No More War!” Other groups around the arena began chanting “Hillary!” More chants of “Love Not War!” and “No More Drones!” broke out before […] Read the Full Article »