The DNC Be Like…Russia, Russia, Russia


Russia is just a bright shiny object concocted to distract uninformed Americans. They KNOW their world, their lies, their trickery are being exposed and they keep pushing this Russia collusion story that FOR MONTHS has produced NOTHING! Not a single shred of proof! We DO HOWEVER, know that laws were broken, Americans were spied on ILLEGALLY and that info was shared illegally! We DO know that the crime of #unmasking took place.

What is more important to you? TRUTH or the quest for something that does NOT exist?

Trust me! If there was Russian collusion, it would have been revealed BEFORE the election because they (Obama admin) already knew! They just didn’t think Hillary would lose! When she DID lose, they had to concoct a story that would incite fear in America in order to maintain the loyalty of what voter base they can salvage because they KNEW the truth would come out!

The truth IS coming out and they are in complete panic – just watch the news patterns and behavior. Watch the headlines that SHOULD be top bill, and watch the ones who actually are! Just watch! Compare them, take notes, and then compare them again — YOU WILL SEE!

As an EX Democrat I GET it. I get the want to save people, the whales and the world. I GET IT! But they are USING your kind heart to secure your vote. It’s the ONLY thing about you they care about at all! Period! Don’t let them label you and put you in a tiny box that they only open and play with at election time. You are NOT a label. We are NOT black, white, Hispanic, Muslim, Christian, gay, straight, man or woman – WE ARE AMERICANS! We all bleed the same red blood. We all hurt, feel pain, feel joy, love our children and families. Do NOT be brainwashed by those labels. When you allow yourself to become isolated or segregated into those small groups, you allow them to feed your insecurities and make you feel more isolated and weak – that’s how they know you’ll buy their empty promises, hook, line and sinker!


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