Technology, Role Models, Lust & Little Glass Houses

With role models like Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, Jesse James, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Snooki coupled with technology, it’s no wonder our morals and values as a society have completely tanked!

Over the last few years, primetime television has been gradually increasing our daily dose of lust, sex, smut, drugs and controversy to the point so many people are deafening to the little voice in our heads that tells us certain actions are just plain wrong.

Wake up people – we live in a world where women are obtaining wealth by shagging someone famous, luring them into text and phone exchanges and then threatening to or actually exposing them.

If you think I’m mistaken, take a stroll through Facebook or MySpace. Look at the language and photos of today’s teens! They cuss like worse then any sailor I’ve ever known. They don’t know the least about the concept “leave more to the imagination” when it comes to clothing and many are finding sport and entertainment in hurting or emotionally abusing their fellow classmates, friends and random strangers.

Those daily doses of deficient values are contributing to a society that’s just never good enough. Relationships are no longer sacred, they are disposable and replaceable – this goes for love, friends and relatives alike.

When over 50% of marriages end in divorce – there’s a problem people! When the average age at which a person becomes exposed to porn is EIGHT what ARE we to become? These eight-year-olds grown into adults who have a blurred concept of what real and meaningful intimacy is.

It saddens me to watch as we are grow more distant from recognizing the rewards and wealth we can gain in just making others smile. By always putting our loved ones first. When I was growing up and even into my early adulthood, I always thought of my actions and how they would impact those people I loved – making decisions with that one single factor helped me make wiser decisions, keep me out of trouble and off dangerous roads.

SelfLESSness is being replaced with selfISHness and people wonder WHY our world is so corrupt. Desires of the flesh are becoming stronger then desires of the heart with such strength that smart, intelligent and God fearing men are being sucked into the trenches of ill action and intent.

It’s SO obvious WHY people are NOT genuinely happy anymore. The grass is always greener someplace else. But what people FAIL to realize is taking care of, nurturing and fertilizing their own relationships will make them greenest of all.

The major lesson here is to keep in mind that with technology being what it is today – Everyone, everywhere, lives in a glass house and with the spite of one overly greedy person, those houses will shatter.

What do you think? Does technology make cheating easier? Does it place everyone in more fragile glass houses?

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