The Shocking Look at Spring Break – Sean Hannity

A friend of mine shared this video clip on Facebook.

Maybe I’m an old prude. Maybe I learned my lessons in the few times I managed to get sloshed. Maybe I am just a bit more OCD than I thought. I can’t be sure – but as I watched this video, all I could imagine was the horrible smells and a Club Med Convention for STD Exchange.

If marketers were smart – they would sell alcohol, STD tests and STD treatments in value packs.

I went to Florida for Spring Break when I was 22. My mom lived on Fort Myers Beach at the time – I was less than 2 blocks from the beach. There were a bunch of college guys who rented the house right on the beach. I hung out with them some – had a couple of beers here and there – but the guys I met actually had some common sense about them.

The worst thing I saw was some old dude, with a dark tan, walking down the beach in a Speedo that matched the color of his skin. From a distance it was traumatizing but the closer he got, it wasn’t so much horrifying as it was nauseating.

Have you ever done Spring Break in a way you regretted? How has your experience impacted your position on Spring Break with your own kids?

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