Today’s Law of Attraction Experience – Ivy Tech Bookstore

ou’d think waking up to a snow storm and a 180+ local school closings would make for a pretty rotten day – but not here! No Sir!

I woke the kids up a couple hours before Justin had to be at his final college class for the semester. Rather then have him drive himself in this horrible weather – the three boys and I went on a snow day adventure.

We dropped Justin off at his class – went for lunch and did a little shopping to pick up a few gifts that remained on our list.

Once Justin sent me a text that he was ready to be picked up – we checked out and headed back to pick him up then off to the college bookstore to sell his first semester books in hopes of getting enough back to get his second semester list.

We’d been alerted to the benefits of renting books on – and wow – what a HUGE savings for sure!

Once at the bookstore – I asked Justin if he wanted me to go in with him. He told me I could if I wanted to. Jokingly, I told him I’d go in with him and use my powers of influence to make sure he got at least $230 out of his books.

That was our goal!

We entered the bookstore and took our place in a very lengthy line. While in line, while Justin was noticing the pretty girl in front of us, I was noticing she had a book in her hands that was on the list of books Justin needs for next semester. I wanted to make sure to listen to how much they were going to give her for that book because I’d just seen the book on the shelf priced at $155.25.

While at the checkout, the girl was told they weren’t buying that particular book back. She seemed disappointed.

As she was about to walk out the door, I approached her and asked if she was wanting to sell that book. She explained the store wasn’t buying it back from her – I told her I’d be happy to buy it and asked how much she’d like to have for it.

I felt my soul break into a dance of cartwheels inside when she said “Fifty-dollars.”


I asked her to wait for just a moment while Justin was being taken care of by the book return agent.

The girl scanned each book carefully – and once she’d entered all the books, she told Justin they’d give him $252!

Remember I said I was going to use my personal powers of influence to get $230?

Those powers of influence were nothing more then claiming a set dollar amount.

We got that and more.

Tonight we placed his order through – that order, coupled with the $50 purchase we made today resulted in a HUGE savings.

The original cost of the books he thought he was going to face was $624 – with a little effort put into searching on the internet, asking good friends via Facebook, a little belief in the Law of Attraction and claiming all that is good – we ended up with a total of $162.12.

That is a savings of $461.88

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