Who not to date and when

We all know there’s a code among girls to not date the ex of a friend.  I’m not sure men really practice this code because I think their moral instinct takes a back seat to their animal instinct.

I happened on a tale of a guy who dated a woman a few times and the woman called it quits because the guy she was dating ‘knew’ her ex husband – while he wasn’t friends with the guy, he coached in the same league which made it a little too close for comfort.

The woman said it was the closeness and friendship that made her uneasy.  I don’t buy it.

It’s not uncommon for some women to not want to date the ex of a friend, but when and where does the line get drawn?

Is it uncomfortable to date the the ex of a friends friend?  What about the ex of a former friend from school whom you’ve not been in touch with for several years?

Personally, I think the woman was looking for a polite way of getting out of dating the guy and realized she didn’t want there to be a relationship progress any further.  Had it been an issue with the ex – I don’t think there would have been a first date, let alone a fourth.

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