A Singles Guide to Dating on a Budget

Just because times are tough and you want to make an effort at remaining ‘budget conscious’ – that doesn’t mean you have to look or act like a cheapskate on a date.

Match Special has a wonderful list of ideas on how you can maintain an active dating life and not put a strain on your wallet.

The one I’ve always liked most is going Dutch!  To be honest, I always felt guilty having the guy pay for everything and most of all, I never wanted to feel I owed him anything following the date.

Dutch is the best way to go as far as I’m concerned.

What about dating during lunch and happy hour instead of going out during the most expensive times of day?

Go out to eat early in the day and then make it a home date complete with movie rental and popcorn.

For more ideas on dating on a budget, check out Match Special’s Guide to Dating on a Budget

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