Dating In This Economy, Part Two: Cheap & Unusual Dates

In part one about dating & the economy, I covered some inexpensive ways to meet new people — including Mr. or Ms. Right. I do hope I helped prevent Samantha from going door-to-door looking for love…

If you’re past the meeting new people stage and need cheap date ideas (and I mean that in terms of the price of the activities, not the person lol), most of the suggestions for places to meet new people are also great places to go on dates. But if you’re looking for more ideas that won’t break the piggy bank, head to Roadside America.

Whenever I suggest people go to Roadside America and look for fun & odd places to go on dates, I usually hear laughter — followed by, “Oh my gawd that’s so corny!”

Yes, many of the roadside attractions range from odd to down-right hysterical — but that’s the point. How can you have an awkward date when you’re both laughing at the World’s Largest Ball of Paint or the Big Foot Recovery Project? And I double-dog dare anyone not to have a hoot of a good time at the Wizard of Oz Festival.

At Roadside America, you can search by location and you just might discover something right in your own backyard or a relatively short drive away. Pack a picnic lunch if need be. For those past the “getting to know you” phase who want to test the relationship with some travel, cast your net wider.

Roadside America is also a great place to search for other classic dating ideas, like mini golf & go-kart courses as well as parks.

Heck, just spending some time at Roadside America provides plenty of ideas for dinner conversations; and that can’t be a bad thing either.

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