Flirting a Major Struggle for Online Singles

According to a recent survey conducted by Woome, nearly 3 out of 4 single online adults(1) (72 percent) find flirting online more difficult than in person, citing the inability to observe body language, gauge chemistry and assess physical appearance as major contributing factors.

61 percent of single adults say looks are most likely to attract them to someone within the first minute of an introduction.

Only 17 percent said they thought sense of humor was most important and an even lower nine percent said they value intelligence most. And ironically, less than one in three single adults (31 percent) who have an online profile(2) regularly update the picture on their social network or online dating site profile(s).

I would think the fact that people don’t update their image as often could lead to a great hesitation in contacting those you might normally be interested in.  Sometimes you have to wonder if the photo is new, old, how old and if it’s even them.

While online dating can be a wonderful avenue to meeting love interests – you really do have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince(ss) whatever the case may be.

source: Street Insider

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