How To Catch An Online Addict eBook

Battling an addiction is never easy and being in a relationship with an addict is one of the greatest struggles anyone can endure.

If you suspect you might be in a relationship with an online addict, be it gambling, porn, personals, shopping or sex – sometimes asking and confronting just isn’t enough.

Having confronted my own online addict and received answers I knew to be lies stemming from guilt and embarrassment, I set out to find the truth.

The few simple steps I took to uncover the truth to the hours upon hours of online activity that was destroying our relationship are detailed in a very easy to read ebook.

I’ve developed this “How To” manual in a way that will help most everyone install safe and free programs that are available online to find the answers and evidence they need to confront their addict.

A portion of all revenue will be donated to help the fight against internet addiction.

Download your copy of “How To Catch An Online Addict”

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