Protect Your Kids from the Dark Side of the Internet with X3watch Back to School Sale

X3 Watch

Did you know American homes have more internet-connected devices than they have people living in the home.

It's true!

U.S. homes now have more than a half-billion devices connected to the internet, with 5.7 connected devices PER household.

Did you know pornography makes up 37% of the total content on the internet?

Scary isn't it?

And, did you know nearly 1/4 of all internet searches are for pornography related content?

That's a whopping 68 MILLION searches per day.

Now X3watch makes it easier to enjoy all the good the internet offers without worrying about pornography.

Works on all your devices with one account, one report and one admin panel. Download on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phone and Android tablet today.

With nearly 1,125,000 installs around the world, X3watch is one of the leading internet accountability programs available.

Receive $5 Off an X3watch Subscription during our Back to School Sale. Protect your kids on the internet.

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