My Stone Fireplace Makeover for Under 50 Bucks – Saved Us 2 Grand on Remodel

I can’t believe it’s taken me SO long to post this. We don’t even have this lake house anymore – but this is one of my personal DIY projects that I am MOST proud of. When my husband and I purchased a foreclosed home to call our lake house, it was one that needed a little TLC and just a few cosmetic updates. One of the greatest eyesores in the place was the fireplace. It […] Read the Full Article »

Pinterest Inspired – Laminate Wood Dresser Repurposed Into Entertainment Center

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This was actually the first project I did from my collection of “To Do’s” saved on Pinterest. This dresser was at least 20 years old – had an ugly, I mean REALLY UGLY mirror on it and was actually being used as a catch-all in our garage. Once I cleaned off the dust and cobwebs, I used a very strong cleaning solution to cut through all the grime that had […] Read the Full Article »

Repurpose – Recycle and Call It Art

In all the Pinterest inspired projects I have done, this one has been my favorite so far. With this, I took an old picture that we had hanging on the wall. I removed the glass and covered the cardboard insert in burlap using a thin layer of crafting glue. Before winter set in, while we were cleaning up the landscaping, I collected lots of twigs and sticks. I had kept them in a bag, knowing […] Read the Full Article »

From Trash to Treasure – Wall Decor

Over the years, I have picked up bits and pieces at rummage sales, auctions and little junk shops. Thanks to my addiction to Pinterest, I spent one weekend painting, crafting and piecing together a new wall display in our dining area. I didn’t get a true “Before” picture and by the time I remembered, some of the previous pictures had been removed. But this will give you a general idea of what the wall looked […] Read the Full Article »

Pinterest Inspired – Entertainment Center Makeover

My husband used to have this *thing* for wicker (more wicker makeovers to come). This piece was a little dark for my taste and had wicker basket drawers. The thing I detest about wicker is, it collects dust! It’s hard to clean and if there are drawers, those drawers become a catchall for everything under the sun. I’m guilty of stuffing things in drawers with the intention of re-homing it to it’s proper location later […] Read the Full Article »