The Girls Every College Guy Should Date

Admit it, college girls are way better than your old high school fling.  In fact, there are so many beautiful women, you might just go mad from the tantalizing temptation of it all.  Luckily for you, college is the perfect time to try out new things and try to date new people.  You might be pleasantly surprised how much you like dating girls who are different from your usual set, or you might not.  Either way, give these girls a try now, while you’ve got nothing to lose:

Daddy’s Girl – Some women have a gift for spinning men around their little finger.  They learned it from practicing on their very doting father.  Regardless of the financial standing of their parents, these girls have been spoiled rotten and will continue to be.  The coy smiles of these girls is definitely worth going for now.  Later, you might be disappointed to find her working to wrap you around her finger exactly as she did her father, but you should enjoy playing her games now, when she hasn’t yet had time to hone her manipulative skills to perfection.

Gold Digger – For easy, straightforward relationships there is nothing quite like a gold digger to get you going.  These girls know exactly the value of what is around them and they will insist on only the best.  The best part about dating a gold digger in college is that these women are not yet in a position where they can get at the truly wealthy.  All it will take in college is a loose wallet at a bar and the occasional silk dress.  Sure, you might find that your bills skyrocket, but you can fix that when you break up.  Enjoy the fun while your credit lasts.

One of the Guys – Friends with benefits have never been sweeter than with a guy’s girl.  These are the girls who will watch football with you, who can belch to match your friends, and play poker like nobody’s business.  These girls offer a unique freedom to be yourself.  They are certainly not going to care when you get in a chili-dog eating competition, they will probably join in.  Of course, a good portion of these girls’ are going to grow out of their habits through college, so it is good to take advantage before they too give in to their feminine side.

The Bad Girl – Dating a girl who lives on the edge is going to bring your life to the edge as well.  There is nothing quite like dating a bad-ass with an arsonist history to put a little fire in your life.  These girls’ like playing the game for the fun of it and can be ruthless.  They relish in things that you might not have even heard of and can lead you to some great eye-opening situations.  Of course, a few years down the road, they may be tainted by bitterness and excessive anger, but right now they should have the perfect balance of sugar and spice.

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