The Value of a Dollar – A Good Lesson for Kids & Teens

It’s always been my goal to teach my children how to manage money, the value of a dollar and proper budgeting. I usually try to come up with creative ways to engage them in a fun, but educational lesson.

A few months before Christmas, I begin talking to the boys about Christmas and how much I will be able to spend. With that dollar amount, they set out on the internet to do a little window shopping and make their lists.

Their list consists of bookmarking links to items they like. Once they have the items collected, they then watch eBay, Amazon and Google Alerts for the best prices.

What has happened over time is my kids have learned that items that are slightly used are just as good as new – but when you are on a very tight budget – if planned properly, you can get twice as much for used as you can for new.

That lesson has rolled over into other areas of their life. They have become wise and thrifty shoppers that makes mama very proud.

Take the pressure off yourself this year at Christmastime – give the kids a budget and access to the computer and let the list of links arrive in your email and Christmas gifts to your door.

Believe me – when it’s a cold, blistery night with snow flying – there’s nothing quite like being curled in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and hearing the big brown truck pull into your drive.

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