Vocalizing a Protective Hedge Around Your Marriage–Signs of a Great Leader

My mornings begin with a hot cup of coffee and a couple of articles pulled from my “favorite bloggers” file. This morning my selection included Michael Hyatt. Michael is the Chairman of a Christian publishing company. Michael takes time from his busy life to maintain a personal blog focusing on “intentional leadership.”

I’ve been a huge fan of his style and philosophy.

If you are going to lead well, you must be thoughtful and purposeful about it.

This morning’s choice“Why Speaking Well of Your Spouse Is So Important” resonated with me on a couple of levels. At this end of Michael’s article he asked, “How have you seen this play out in the lives of those who’ve lead you?”

This is the one example of someone I know vocalizing a protective hedge around their marriage:

Several years ago I had the opportunity to work with an executive in the pharmaceutical industry. It was because of him, I learned to set the bar higher when it comes to what I need and want from relationships.

I wasn’t but two paragraphs into Michael’s article when my mind turned to Ken. I remember every class or meeting he and I participated in, he’d always refer to his wife as his ‘lovely bride.’ Ken and his bride have been married for 30+ years. I’ve never forgotten the tone in his voice, the look on his face or the way they interacted with one another.

I had lost touch with Ken, his bride and their son a few years back, but thanks to Michael’s article, I found him on Linkedin and sent a connection request.

Isn’t it amazing how people come into your life with a purpose? As busy as I should be today, I felt the need to take a little ME time and read – the first piece I read connected me with someone who left a lasting impression in an area of my life I tend to need it most.

To continue the effort of Michael, share an example of how you’ve witnessed a great leader vocalizing and affirming their role as a spouse or friend.

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